Visitation is Important

Divorce settlements here in El Paso often grant visitation rights to both parents and also grandparents. Sometimes arranging visitation can be complicated, and it is important to make sure that each child does not feel like he or she is in the middle of a tug-of-war. The following tips can help you improve this part of divorce.

  • Both Parents

    Regardless of whom the child is visiting, make sure that he or she can have contact with both the father and the mother. Child visitation often forces a child to go without access to both parents. This can cause emotional harm to the child resulting in aggression and bitterness.

  • Make a Schedule

    Children do better on a schedule, so visitation arrangements should be regular and consistent. This way the children will expect to see each parent and spend time with them. Your attorney can help you determine what schedule is best for the each child and fair for both parents.

  • Be Reasonable

    Sometimes compromise is important and necessary. There are occasions where visitation may change due to birthdays, special events, or holidays. Make sure to accommodate these occasions so that your child can spend quality time and retain good memories with both parents.

Make it Work for Everyone Involved

Although visitation can be difficult to determine, many divorced parents do make it work. With the assistance of an El Paso visitation attorney, you can negotiate a visitation agreement that is fair to both parents and right for the children. Your kids will benefit from your efforts.